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Summer tennis tournament of 16-year establishment of the Group

The Summer Tennis Tournament on the occasion of the 16th Anniversary of the Group has been a great success with extremely fierce and dramatic matches to find champions in various categories.

During the two days of May 20-21, TLE’s great tennis players have had excellent performances to kick off a lively summer with a variety of exciting sports activities.

Like many other tennis tournaments, this year’s Summer Tournament is attended by Deputy General Director Mr. Phan Ngoc Bien – who maintains and develops the tennis practice and compete trend at TLE for many years.

TLE athletes will participate in the categories of men’s singles, men’s couple and women’s couple.

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Athletes are ready for the fierce battle ahead

Men’s singles

This is always the content that attracts the most participating athletes. Many veteran players have worked hard after every hour of work to be ready for the tournament this year.

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Deputy General Director Phan Ngoc Bien had the first successful day with two overwhelming wins

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Athlete Ngo Kim Son has a successful season thanks to skillful techniques and good physique

9 9

Athlete Nguyen Huy Hoang with impressive speed

10 9

Athlete Lai Tuan Anh with great progress this season

11 9

Athlete Nguyen Van Tuyen is a formidable opponent with years of experience

12 9

Athlete Le Hong Quan is always on the pitch

13 9

 Athlete Le Quang Hoa still has maintained his form

14 9

Athlete Nguyen Dinh Thuong – a veteran player

As a result, the athlete Ngo Kim Son won the men’s singles championship.

Men’s doubles

This year’s men’s doubles title promises to be dramatic and fiercely competitive as athletes are experienced players and have gone through many different tournaments.

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Team Van Duong  – Sy Hung and Team Quynh – Viet Cuong

16 9

Team Ngoc Thang – Quang Minh and Sy Hung – Van Duong

17 9

Team Viet Cuong – Quynh Do and Ngoc Thang – Quang Minh

18 9

Team Binh Minh – Anh Tuan and Ngoc Thang – Quang Minh

Some images of the male duo:

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As a result, team Sy Hung – Van Duong, thanks to outstanding technique and perfect combination, won the men’s doubles championship.

Female couple :

The beautiful female teams of TLE have proved their strength and spirit of the sport are very fierce on the field.

23 9

Team Thanh Thuy – Nhat Minh and Hanh Chi  – Ngoc Hoa

24 9

Team Nhat Minh – Thanh Thuy and Hoai Thu – Thuy Ha

25 9

Team Thuy Ha – Hoai Thu and Ngoc Hoa – Hanh Chi

 Some pictures of couples competing:

26 9 27 9 28 9 29 9

Eventually, the pair Nhat Minh – Thanh Thuy won the women’s doubles championship.

Ending two days of competition and offering the audience a lively ball, the awards ceremony was held on the field in the joy of victory and athletic spirit of athletes excited.

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Deputy General Director Phan Ngoc Bien presented the men’s singles prize to athlete Ngo Kim Son. This year’s Second Prize belongs to Deputy General Director Phan Ngoc Bien

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Mr. Ngo Kim Son gave the first prize and the second of male content

32 9

Ms. Le Thi Quynh Mai presented first prize and second female content

Some photos of athletes participating in the 2017 Summer Tennis Tournament:

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