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TLE provides and installs elevators for the Manor Central Park

Invested by a large investor, with an enormous scale ” and large capital, The Manor Central Park Hanoi is the most prominent real estate project in Hanoi today.

In the beginning of 2017, Thang Long Elevator Equipment Group has supplied and installed 123 Home elevators under Mitsubishi Electric Japan brand at the project of The Manor Central Park Hanoi. With 16 year-experience and building trust with partners, TLE has become a trusted and reliable companion with thousands of projects over the country.

Located in the southwest of Hanoi, on the front of the Belt Road number 3, The Manor Central Park is a prime location and is considered the last golden land of Hanoi. The Manor is a beautiful and prosperous land. All residential areas named The Manor are not only a luxury residential area, but also a complete residential community with a full range of high end amenities and a large space for greenery.

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Perspective of The Manor Central Park project

With this project, Bitexco has shown its long-term vision and strategic pioneering under an international master plan to turn The Manor Central Park into a busy, eco-friendly eco-park in daytime and busy. , Brilliant lights at night.

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New and modern living space

With 123 Home Elevators installed here, the engineers and workers of TLE have demonstrated a very high level of expertise and workmanship. Not only requires aesthetic harmony of the landscape, creativity, but the elevators installed here also require the luxury, the level of the whole building.

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